Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga comprises a wide range of mind/body practices, from postural and breathing exercises to deep relaxation and meditation. Yoga therapy tailors these to the health needs of the individual. It helps to promote all-round positive health, as well as assisting with particular medical conditions. The therapy is particularly appropriate for many chronic conditions that persist despite conventional medical treatment. 

Yoga therapy respects individual differences in age, culture, religion, philosophy, occupation, and mental and physical health. The Yoga Therapist applies Yoga Therapy according to the period, the place, and the practitioner’s age, strength, and activities.

What to Expect

The initial sessions will be information gathering and intention setting to build rapport and have a direction for growth. Subsequent sessions may be practice oriented to confer experience while others may be more coaching sessions to encourage practice. It is important to know that the approach is custom-fit to each client. Typically six to eight sessions constitute the beginning program, with sessions scheduled at one to two-week intervals at the onset.

Conditions Supported by Yoga Therapy Practices and Education:

  • Stress management
  • Concentration and productivity issues
  • Depression and anxiety support
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis
  • Asthma and other breathing ailments

Book a Session

Appointments are held over the Zoom platform or in person in the yoga studio in Peterborough. Please email Lisa at to book an appointment or to get more information about the program. Series of 3 sessions is $150. Additional sessions can be purchased.