Teen Yoga Leadership Program

Our Teen Yoga Leadership program is designed for tweens and teens (ages 12-17). This program will help participants feel more confident while working in a positive, co-operative environment.  Participants gain more control over their bodies, as they learn to move through yoga postures and use breathing techniques. They will also learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to reduce stress and promote relaxation. This is a learning and leadership based program with a curriculum that highlights yoga’s physical practice, as well its history and philosophy.

The program is divided into eight 8-week sessions. Participants can start at the beginning of any session. Sessions will be offered throughout the year, so that participants can complete the entire program if they choose. Program can also be taught in a school environment.

A workbook will be dropped off or mailed out prior to the start of the session. (Additional charge for participants living outside of Ontario to cover the cost of mailing.)

Intentionally Me
Dates TBD

This 8-week session focuses on moral restraints such as non-harming, truthfulness, non-stealing, and finding moderation. Participants reflect on values and learn how to establish a home practice for yoga.

Living On Purpose
Dates TBD

This 8-week session focuses on developing personal commitments and habits to live by, including purity, contentment, and austerity. Participants reflect on goals and learn the importance of reflection.

Built to Last
Dates TBD

This 8-week session focuses on the physical postures of yoga and how practicing postures can help us achieve steadiness and flow. Participants reflect on their strengths and learn about the importance of movement.

Breath is My Superpower
Dates to TBD

This 8-week session focuses on breath practice and how posture practice, breath practice, meditation, and healthy eating all combine to create a healthy person. Participants reflect on their resiliency and learning about coping skills.

The Force Within
Dates to TBD

This 8-week session focuses on observing feelings and choosing where to put their energy. Participants reflect on where they are focusing their energy and learn how to establish discipline.

Living Yoga
Dates to TBD

This 8-week session focuses on how to build focus and concentration. Participants reflect on how they focus and how to listen to their intuition.

True Colours
Dates to TBD

This 8-week session focuses on finding calm and being present. Participants reflect on grief and release and learn how to prepare for meditation.

My Simple Life
Dates to TBD

This 8-week session focuses on stress relief and finding peace. Participants reflect on what peace means to them and learn how to relieve stress through yoga.