The TATD (Power) Breath

I completed a workshop through YogaU Online with Dr. Ginger Garner. The TATD (Power) Breath and the NAP Meditation were two of the topics covered in the workshop.

Chair Yoga Sequence

This is an excellent article from YogaU Online on yoga poses that can be done from the chair, specifically for arthritis. It gives clear instructions and pictures of the yoga sequences: A Chair Yoga Sequence for Arthritis: Increase Mobility and Decrease Pain

Yoga and Fitness Classes

My friend and mentor Andrea at Blossom Yoga Pilates is offering online yoga, pilates, and fitness classes. Email for more information.

Ways Yoga Helps

How to Use Yoga in Addiction Recovery

Healthy Aging: Why What You Do Today Matters Tomorrow

A Good Night’s Rest: 5 Ayurvedic Tips for Better Sleep