Peterborough Classes

Classes will be offered in a brand new studio in the East City. We are in walking distance from Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School. Private Yoga Therapy sessions will also be offered at this location.

Rise and Shine Yoga

Experience the benefits of waking up to yoga as you stretch and strengthen your body, awaken your mind, and add clarity to your yoga practice.

Chair Yoga

Stretch and strengthen your body and enjoy the benefits of relaxation as you practice from a seated position or use the chair for support to try different yoga poses.

Total Body Stretch

Our Total Body Stretch focuses on all different muscles in the body, including the feet and the hands. This includes some yoga poses and other stretching exercises, including stretches that are good for arthritis.

Chair Exercise

Warm up, strengthen, and stretch from a chair. Strengthening portion will use bands, straps, and weights.

Yoga for Beginners

In our Yoga for Beginners class, we will spend time getting into and adjusting our bodies for each pose. We will work on the different variations that can be made in the poses, so that participants can find the ones that are best suited for their bodies and any physical conditions.

Teen Yoga Leadership Program

Our Teen Yoga Leadership program is designed for teenagers (ages 13 – 17). This program will help participants feel more confident while working in a positive, co-operative environment. Participants will learn body and breath awareness, refine yoga poses, and learn yoga philosophy while building leadership skills.

In the Intentionally Me session, teens learn about the first limb of yoga, Yama (self-restraint). Through breathing exercises, mantras, mudras, reflection, meditation, and poses, they learn how to create body awareness and how to establish a home practice.

Yoga for Deep Relaxation

Move through gentle, supported postures help to restore movement and flexibility in your body. Then relax with yoga Nidra, a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that encourages physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.

If you have any interest or time preference for the following classes, please contact