Wellness Coaching

The philosophy of Wellness is to regain the healthy weight humans were meant to have and live with vibrancy throughout our lives. To do this, we need to consume as much whole, unprocessed food as possible (with an emphasis on low-glycemic load), while reducing processed foods wherever possible. This type of diet will support healthy hormone balance and overall health. If we are able to combine optimal eating with optimal physical activity, we can attain and sustain a healthy weight.

What is a Wellness Coach?

First off, a Wellness Coach is not a medical doctor, dietician, or nutritionist. The Wellness Coach is not providing a medical diagnosis or treatment. The services provided are not designed to cure or prevent any disease, pain, injury, or mental or physical condition. The Wellness Coach will provide education, coaching, and support to assist you in reaching your goals, and empower you to live a healthy lifestyle.

What happens in a session?

Sessions are individualized for the client, but here is a general outline on what can occur at each session with your Wellness Coach. Your first session involves getting to know you. We will establish a long term goal together, and the Wellness Coach will get more information on your lifestyle. We may break down your long term goal into smaller short term goals.

The second session involves a check-in with you. We look at the challenges and successes that you have had and go over any questions and concerns. We start to establish some priorities as they relate to healthy eating. We may look at a Food Journal that you can take away to start keeping track of your food and water intake.

At the third session, we will delve deeper into what options are available for healthy eating, and we will work together to develop your individual healthy eating plan. In further sessions, we may discuss portion control, how to read and understand nutrition labels, ingredients to avoid and why, and the importance of phytonutrients. We may continue reviewing how you can meet your short and long term goals, or establish new goals.

How can I sign up for the Wellness Coach sessions?

Appointments are held over the Zoom platform or in person in the yoga studio in Peterborough. Please email Lisa at Lisa@sweetnessandstrength.com to book an appointment or to get more information about the program. Series of 3 sessions is $150. Additional sessions can be purchased.