Our Intention Becomes our Reality

“Our intention becomes our reality” – Wayne Dyer. This statement is powerful, but it can also be confusing. What is an intention? How does it become real? As a yoga instructor, I often encourage students to set an intention at the beginning of a practice. For me, this simply means to identify a word or phrase that you will focus on, so that it can become your reality for that yoga practice and hopefully beyond. So that even if your daily life feels scattered, for the 30 minutes you practice, you can focus on the intention of “calm”. Doesn’t that sound wonderful – and simple?

Still feeling a little scattered? Check out some links to Resources at sweetnessandstrength.com/resources/ Try the TATD Breath or NAP Meditation with Ginger Garner. Explore some more Breathing Techniques, such as Nostril Breathing or Vocal Breathing. Check out some Ayurvedic Tips for Better Sleep. Or maybe check out a Yoga Retreat Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre. Whatever you decide, may you find some space for calmness.

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