Teen / Tween Leadership Program

Our Teen / Tween Leadership program for ages 10-15 is coming this fall. This program will help participants feel more confident while working in a positive, co-operative environment. Participants learn to move through yoga postures and refine them, as they gain more control over their bodies, learn breathing techniques, and how to use mindfulness and meditation to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

This is a learning and leadership based program with a curriculum that highlights yoga’s physical practice as well its history and philosophy.

Our first 8-week session starts Friday, November 2 and runs until Friday, December 18, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm.

Program also available to be taught in schools upon request and can be run as 1 hour sessions over a 10-week period. Contact Lisa for more details at Lisa@sweetnessandstrength.com or fill out the contact form.